CLEANSE - Face Wash


CLEANSE - Face Wash



Receive a FREE Repair - Scrub with each bottle of Cleanse purchased. 

This gel based, non-drying or irritating, mild face wash removes dirt and grime while stimulating surface cells. 

Filled with light Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids as well as a combination of calming plant extracts like Aloe, Cucumber, Tea Tree oil and high antioxidant Green Tea extract to help reduce oil and bacteria build-up.  

Suited to: Combo, Normal and Sensitive skin

Key ingredients: Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin C & E

While you may like to share this product is not intended for use by pregnant and lactating women. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Clint P
Welcoming surprise!

I was actually surprised the first time I used the Cleanse face wash. My skin felt so soft and clean! It doesnt dry my skin out like soap. With the natural ingredients I feel like I can trust this face wash on my skin. I use it twice a day. It's refreshing, smells great and I really feel like I'm taking care of my skin when I use it!

A face wash you need to try!

This wash really works, cleaned up my skin and makes your face feel really fresh. Would recommend.

Adrian D.
Wonderful Cleanser

I wanted and decided to try the cleanser from Alpha Guy because I read what ingredients it has and it caught my eyes. I really like that it contains Aloe extract and Tea tree oil as I know that these two ingredients are key to having healthy clean skin. I have acne-prone skin, so I know that tea tree is super good for acne and aloe can make wonders for the skin. So it was, after a few weeks of usage, I already saw changes in my skin. My acne basically disappeared and my skin got much smoother and cleaner. Now my skin is clean and smooth like a baby booty. 
I’m super thankful for this product. 


Does exactly what it says, doesn't dry out my skin and my face is feeling fresh afterwards.

Mike Luker
Can’t fault it

Great product great presentation great service