Which is better for your hair: Wax or Gel?

Why are people even comparing both of them anyway?

We have been receiving lots of styling queries about hair, and the most asked question is whether to put on a hair wax or go for a gel. As we were growing up, I remember I used to put on a hair gel, which was so hardened that I ended up looking like an anime cartoon. That thing was the toughest to wash, and it kind of hurt too. 

Moving towards swiftly, to know which product is better for your hair, there are two things we must know –the length of your hair and the type of them.

There’s no denying that wax and gel both are essential on certain occasions. You need a matte look at meetings and shiny hair to rock at the parties.

What’s The Difference? Let’s dig into some key differences of both the hair gel and hair wax.

1. Hair Wax:
Hair wax usually comes from beeswax, which is natural and organic. The hair wax has become an ultimate hair styling product these days. Even most of those Instagram models will flex their perfect hairstyles with hair wax.

So, why is the hair wax so popular?
One of the most useful hair wax traits is it doesn’t leave our hair look super shiny. The wax holds our hairstyles, leaving a matte look to our hair. Our hair looks stylized, natural, and healthy with the application of hair wax. Moreover, it’s so easy to wash, unlike gel or spray. The styling is easy, and it leaves a neat look on your face –perfect for giving presentations.

If you want a fluffy hair look with no oil traces on your skin and hair and efficient wear-off, then a hair wax is the right product for you.

2. Hair Gel:
So, hair gels are not a bad option either. It all depends on the occasion. If you are not the person who keeps retouching their hairstyle every hour later, then hair gel is the right option for you.

Hair gel not only dries easily, but it holds your hair like a bond. Your hairstyle will remain the same throughout the day when you are using a hair gel.

Additionally, it will give your hair the perfect style and shine that you crave. A good quality hair gel is also easy to wash. The only drawback of a hair gel is that it makes your hair as hard as a rock. Your hair can weigh down due to hair gel. Moreover, a hair gel will put a shiny white residue on hair as soon as it dries out, which sometimes can be confused with dandruff.

What Do We Recommend?
If we compare both hair gel and wax, then each of these hair products is important.

But if you really want to know, we would recommend hair wax. Why? Because it’s easier to apply and style, and leave hair smooth, unlike a gel that toughens them.

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