To condition or not to condition, that is the question.

A lot of guys ask us if using a hair conditioner is good for their hair. I tell them that it is as useful as applying lotion to your skin.

When you wash a face with facewash, you always put on a moisturizer to lock the moisture. That’s how shampoo and conditioner works.

Let us explain it to you.
Shampoo cleans your hair and the roots. While cleaning the hair, a shampoo usually soaks all the natural oil in our hair, leaving a dry scalp. A dried scalp leads to hair fall and eventually baldness in the middle ages.

A conditioner is there to ensure that the moisture of your hair does not go anywhere. It moisturizes your hair from the roots to the tips leaving a shiny, smooth, and rich look.

Wait, it does not stop here – A conditioner also performs cellular repair of your hair follicles, strengthening them to the core. There is a reason you do not see any dandruff after using a conditioner.

Common Questions Asked By Our Customers:
Let’s do a quick session on conditioners and all related questions.

1. How Often Should I Use a Hair Conditioner?
Well, the usage of a hair conditioner depends on the length and condition of your hair.

Men usually have short to medium hair. Such a type of hair can take the help of a conditioner 2 to 3 times a week. Treating short to medium hair with a conditioner twice a week is sufficient to provide perfect health and growth.
If your hairs look like Jennifer Aniston’s, then you might need to condition your hair more –probably three to four times a week would do.

If your hairs are oily, then you do not need to put a conditioner excessively. If you have an afro, then do it, daily boy. You are a special case.

2. How Do I Use A Conditioner?
We know it is hard for some boys to go into formalities, especially when they have a multi-purpose soap (wink wink) and towel.

It is easy! After you are done shampooing your hair, take a generous amount of conditioner on your hands and massage it thoroughly on the hair – especially the tips.

Please do not wait for the conditioner to set; it isn’t a mask. Just run the water through and be done with it.

3. What Is The Best Men’s Hair Conditioner?
The rule is simple –choose a conditioner with more natural ingredients and lesser sulfate.

Sulfate is a bad boy, though it will create a nice bubbly lather, you will be left with dry hair afterward. So always choose a sulfate-free conditioner.

Do not ever opt for a 2-in-1 shampoo + conditioner. I mean, come on, do not be so economical with your hair. 

So let’s wrap it up. You got your answer, buddy. A hair conditioner is essential. Some will say that your hair will look like a doll, and it’s somewhat true because moisture will soften them. You can always use a good gel, wax, and pomade to give your hair the best style.

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