Sleep - The Magic Elixir by Kane Draper

There is one. Believe it or not. There’s one that stands out far beyond the rest. One thing which is most important for your health as we age. It’s not yoga, exercise, hydration or nutrition. The thing we need (and must learn) to prioritise above everything else is sleep.

There truly is nothing more valuable to your body and to revitalise your mind than sleep. Even just your overall happiness. It’s also the most powerful thing you can do for your health and the most natural thing on earth.

Let’s say someone comes up to you today and says:

“I’ve invented a magical energy drink. This drink has the power to totally heal your body. It’s going to balance your emotions and put you in a better mood. It recharges your mind and makes you more creative and productive. It’s going to boost your immune system so you’ll recover from being unwell faster and stay healthier all year round – in fact, if you consume it right, it will probably tag an extra 20 years onto your life. Ohh and by the way – all of these benefits are scientifically proven. Ohh, and you know what, it’s free…. the only catch is that takes about 8 hrs to kick in.”

If that drink existed – are you picking up a bottle? Or are you picking up a lifetime supply? I’m getting that shipped to my door day-in and day-out. The great thing about it is that this elixir does exist. And that’s exactly what sleep does.

Our challenge is that sleep takes time. i don’t mean just literally, i mean it takes time into prioritising it as a habit and recognising the true benefits of it. If we want to prioritise it – we need to push back on almost everything else in life. Responsibilities, relationships, projects, work, friends, family and the list goes on. The day is limited, our time is valuable, we want to get the most out of it. The time during the day is precious but the time we are asleep should be held in equal esteem.

So here’s the best way to re-frame your mind on sleep…

Every minute you are asleep is like a deposit into a savings account. And every minute you put in, you get 2 minutes back of you at your very best. 2 high quality minutes of you awake, alert and focused to attack the day. When you think about it – that’s an unbelievable return on investment. And when you don’t get the right amount of sleep and the right quality of sleep; it creates anxieties, stresses, pressures, your body becomes inflammatory, you’ll feel lethargic, your mental game will slip and your thinking will be narrow.

Early on, we often compromise sleep and feel like we can get by. Don’t comprise it through these simple steps:

1. Schedule your sleep hours. Everything works backwards from that. Make it of the upmost importance. Hold it in esteem.
2. Set up your environment. Optimal temperature, block out unnecessary light, turn off electronics 30-45 mins before you go to sleep, remove devices from the room.
3. Do the time. 7 hours. Minimum. In fact, if you want to take it a step further and get really technical, do some research into ultradian rhythms and the cycles of sleep we go through which last 90-110 minutes.

Some people will try and make you feel guilty on how you prioritise sleep and it’s a sign of laziness – they’ll tell you how they run on like 5 hrs of sleep as if it’s a badge of honour. When you really drill down to it, the most considerate thing you can possibly do for others is to be healthy and present for them. People depend on you as a father, mother, a friend or a peer. To be present and alive, you need to get the right rest. If you’re trying to push yourself to do more, be more, get the most out of your time and be creative and energetic as you can be and show up fully present in the world every day – you need to effectively recharge.

In order to seize the day, you need to seize the night.

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