Our tips on how to get the best shave.

Why is that I always get the best ideas during my morning shave?

We know that Men love their beards, but you have to shave that stubble every once in a while. No matter if it is the promotion day at a job or the funeral of your ex, you must kill that shaved look, because why not?

We understand that most of you know how to shave, and we are even proud of you for stealing your dad’s razor and removing off those two strands of beard hair from your face. But are you shaving your beard the right way?

So let us run through the whole shaving procedure here. If you are following these steps, then it is fine, but if you are not, then be a good boy and follow up.

So, to get the best shave, there are five basic things you need to keep in mind:
● To Exfoliate well
● To use a proper Shaving Gel or Cream
● To know the right directions
● To Rinse and Moisturize
● To protect skin from the damn Sun!

1. Exfoliating:
So first things first, try to wake up early in the morning for a good shave. Before shaving, gently scrub your skin with a scrub or face wash and rinse it out with some lukewarm water.

Now, suppose you are a lazy, not in a hurry to get out of bed type person who could not wake up on time and get ready minutes before your office time. In that case, we recommend taking a hot shower before and coming directly towards the shave –skip the exfoliation, Mr. Flash.

2. Picking:
Do not shave that stubble if you do not use quality shaving products – I mean, what is the point of having a bad shave? The result, red spots, razor-rash and ingrown hairs.

Use a good quality gel/foam. Alcohol-based shaving products turn your skin into a mess and are not conducive to a smooth and slippery surface for the blade to glide over. Unless you want your shave to look like Thanos, then by all means go ahead.

Dry skinned guys will have a better response if they opt for a shaving gel due to its moisturizing effect, while the Oily-skinned ones should prefer shaving creams for a rich and subtle shave.

3. Shaving:
Here comes the main part. Do not wait too long to shave. Just rinse the stubble, apply the gel, and cut it up.

Aim for the long shave strokes, do an even shave – and most importantly, take care of the directions which are: For the best results always shave in the direction of hair growth.

Coolio, now that you have done it. If your partner likes a smooth guy, go another round – of shaving!

4. Finishing:
Aftershave is a must boy. Do not ever skip it. Use an aftershave that has natural soothing ingredients like aloe, tea tree oil, green tea, etc. be generous in the application. This helps replenish the skins natural protectants and oils that have been scraped away but shaving.

5. Protecting:
We all suggest you follow the girls in this regard. Direct sun exposure can irritate your perfect shave so please do not ruin it. Use a good quality SPF sunscreen that absorbs well and moisturizes your shave further. Try to apply it after a shower or after you have a freshly washed face, this will help to lock in the moisture.

We hope that these shaving tips will turn out helpful for you. But another tip is to take care of your razor, if you use disposables then great, keep them fresh. The quality of your shave is determined by the quality of your blade. Shave well and stay dashing.