Can shampoo help slow down or reduce hair loss?

There are many of us that may be concerned about thinning hair or baldness, but this is something that we can either embrace or continually stress and worry over, which in fact is said to be a possible cause of losing your hair in the first place. 

While there are some great products out there to help slow down the process of hair loss there are some that have shown more positive results in this area than others. These are what I look for in a shampoo when trying to find the best to help me stop the loss.

On average we will all loose between 50-100 hairs a day (yes that does sound like quite a lot) but this is natural and on average there are around 100,000 hairs on our heads. To put it into perspective, if you lost 100 hairs a day it would take 3 years to lose everything. So, no need to panic just yet, remember we need to reduce stress levels as well to ensure our hair is healthy. A point to note is if you are losing large clumps and patches, I would recommend seeing a specialist or your doctor for further advice as this could be something that may require further attention.

The list is endless, but these are just some of the ingredients I try to ensure are in my shampoo and / or conditioner. Research has shown that Vitamin A and Biotin have been found to be great at increasing the strength and overall health of your hair and hair follicles. Ginseng is said to be great at promoting hair growth as well as helping reduce stress and Peppermint and Tea Tree are great stimulators to help give your hair follicles a wake up in the shower.

It feels so good when you shampoo your hair with something like Peppermint and you feel that natural tingle happening, which may help increase the circulation and overall health of your hair follicles. Which brings me onto another tip.

Next time you are in the shower and washing your hair, spend some time massaging your scalp and really trying to encourage the blood flow and circulation. We can all remember how good and relaxing it feels when you go to a professional for a hair cut and how good they are at washing your hair. Give your scalp some of this same treatment and love at home.

While you may be using a great shampoo, there is also the risk of washing your hair too frequently which could be stripping your hair of the natural protectant, Sebum. A naturally occurring oil that will help strengthen and protect your hair.

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All these things may not guarantee hair regrowth and for some you will not be able to slow the rate of hair loss due to other factors but will give you the best chance at having the healthiest hair and scalp possible to give you the results you are looking for.

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