5 Reasons why The Groomed Man Co. Beard Balm is unique

If you’re daily routine includes a range of beard care products, there’s no doubt you’ve heard about beard balm and are probably using it alongside a beard oil. Although beard balm holds some similarities to beard oil, its main difference is that while conditioning and softening the hair and beard, it adds style and manages those stray hairs. Depending on your day, you may be using one, the other, or both. However, with so many products on the market, how do you choose the right balm for you?

Some key things to think about when deciding which beard product to use, it’s important to take into account the following factors.
– The style of beard (stubble, short, medium or long)
– Your skin type.
– The environment you live in daily.
– The result you’re hoping to achieve in regards to shape and finish.

When developing their Beard & All Purpose Balm, The Groomed Man Co. took into account the pro’s and con’s of current beard balms on the market. The focus was on 5 key areas they believed they could improve and innovate a new style of balm on the market which provided several benefits unlike anything else they had tried.


An important part of developing their Beard + All Purpose Balm was to ensure that the formula didn’t just sit in the beard leaving it shiny and oily. They found that many of the heavy waxes and butters used in traditional balms really struggle to adsorb into the hair shaft and follicle due to it’s ingredient properties. With the use of lighter waxes (vegan friendly), butters and oils, they were able to achieve a balm that was lightweight and fast absorbing.

Many beard balms use beeswax, mainly as a heavy styling agent, which leaves the hair coated and thus becoming waterproof. They found that if daily use was occurring, it meant that the beard would be washed more often to remove excess build up, which led to dry hair and skin. It seemed counterproductive as the beard product itself should be improving the health of the beard and skin, yet in many instances it mean having to strip the hair and skin through a wash phase. This doesn’t mean beeswax based balms are bad for you by any means, it was just something they took into account when creating their balm to ensure the product was having a positive impact overall.


When looking online at the ingredients lists of dozens of beard balms, they  noticed a very similar pattern. Most contained beeswax, shea butter, a few carrier oils (jojoba, argan oil, sweet almond) and then fragrance or essential oils. The Groomed Man Co. have never been known to follow the same path, so they set out to research unique raw materials that had a plethora of benefits to them. Ingredients not found in any balm on the market, but also ingredients that had unique properties for the hair and skin. The three key ingredients in our Beard & All Purpose Balm were Floraspheres, Ucuuba Butter and Babassu Oil.


On first look at their balm, you’ll notice hundreds of small black dots which resemble dragonfruit. Don’t worry, these are not microbeads. They’re known as Floraspheres, and they're the only company in the world using them in beard balms. Floraspheres are small natural wax coated spheres which contain vitamin E and jojoba esters into the hair and skin. They dissolve on touch when emulsified into both skin and hair, leaving no sticky residue behind, giving it the softening and conditioning influence it deserves. Simply press down on them in the palm and watch them disappear.

Ucuuba Butter

Originating from South and Central America, this unique butter has multiple uses and benefits, and is also not used in any beard balms on the market. This highly anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredient is rich in Lauric, Myristic and Palmitic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and unsaturated fatty acids. This makes it ideal for protecting hair from damage while treating dry, irritated or problematic skin!

Babassu Oil

Sourced from the tropical area of Brazil, this Vitamin E rich solid oil soothes itchy, dry skin while alleviating dandruff. Also highly conditioning, to leave your beard and skin extremely soft.


Due to the use of beeswax, many beard balms on the market aren’t vegan friendly. Whether this is important to you, it’s definitely important to many. In their quest to ensure their beard balm absorbed and didn’t require shampoo to wash out, they stumbled across Berry Wax and Candelilla Wax. Not only did both contain great properties for light to medium hold, they were also vegan friendly options which made it easier to use.


When deciding which beard balm you want, you have to take into account whether you want a styling balm or a conditioning balm. A styling balm will use heavier waxes such as beeswax to act more like a hair styling product, whereas a conditioning balm will provide a medium hold with a focus on softening and moisturising the hair and skin. With a mix of softer waxes, butters and oils, their formula is extremely conditioning which leaves the hair and skin healthy, soft and itch free while complimenting the beards natural style. The best thing about the balm is that it can be applied to a dry beard, which is great if you’re racing out the door in the morning!


Some beard balms are so tough you really have to scoop it out using the back of you nail. They wanted to ensure their formula was easy to scoop out, melted in the palm and was easy to apply. The texture is as soft as butter, and breaks down to an oil like consistency but slightly more viscous. This might be your preference if you use a beard oil daily.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to think about when choosing a beard balm. It’s also important to note that beard balms and beard oils can be used together or separately, to maintain a healthy beard. There is no right or wrong, but we know you can’t go wrong with a balm like The Groomed Man Co. balms!

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